The Breached’s Board

Here at The Breached we believe that everyone should have the chance to speak up and share what they believe in.

The Breached’s Board is a group of exceptional people who have all in their own way influenced and given back to society. This fantastic bunch will help inform and craft the topics and content on The Breached going forward.

We are totally dedicated to bringing you the most thought provoking, intriguing and important stories out there.

Let’s meet them…

Jacob Hill

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Who is Jacob Hill?

Jacob Hill, is an entrepreneur, a businessman and someone who wants to make a dramatic social change.

Jacob is also an ex offender, he spent 9 and a half months in prison. While he was serving his sentence he devised a business plan, that would change the course of how ex offenders find employment.

” I knew something in my life needed to drastically change. I was on self-destruct mode and I had just pressed the big red button” – Jacob Hill

Jacob is now the MD of Offploy, a company dedicated to helping secure jobs for people with criminal convictions and is striving to work with countless employers to ensure that these employees have meaningful futures, are a good addition to society and are unlikely to reoffend by giving them purpose.

Jacob is now a regular public speaker, talking about not only his own personal lifestyle changes, but about entrepreneurship, failure, redemption and personal development. He is righting some wrongs, and helping a lot of people along the way, we applaud you Jacob!

“I will get 250 ex-offenders into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment by July 2019” – Jacob Hill


Claire Eastham


Who is Claire Eastham?

Claire Eastham is a best-selling author and award-winning mental health blogger, fast becoming known for her hit blog, “We’re Mad Here”.

Regarded as one of the UK’s forerunning mental health bloggers, Claire’s witty and self-deprecating sense of humour has seen her attract thousands of blog subscribers.

Drawing on her own experiences to talk about social anxiety and panic attacks, Claire is known for her relatable and honest approach, bridging the gap between health professionals, doctors and sufferers. She is regarded as an expert in her field.

Claire debuted her instant best selling self-titled book “We’re Mad Here” in November 2016.  The book sold out the entire print run in five days selling over 2,000 copies in its first week.

Claire’s success is not without overcoming great adversity, a journey that inspired her to become a writer and blogger. Not long after the Bolton born writer landed her first job in London she suffered a breakdown. Fearing she would never leave the house again, Claire refused to let her anxiety confine her and she started to write about her experiences online.  With the aim of sharing what she was going through and to also give other people hope that mental illness doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Claire is an ambassador for Charity MQ and as well as being a columnist for US website, Healthline, she is regularly asked to be an authoritative voice about anxiety on TV and Radio. Claire is currently writing her follow up book… we wish her all the luck in the world!


Byron Vincent

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Who is Byron Vincent?

One of BBC poetry season’s New Talent Choices, Byron Vincent is a regular at the nation’s most prestigious literary and music festivals. He has performed several times on television and national radio, including Channel 4’s Random Acts, Radio 4’s Bespoken Word and BBC 3’s The Verb. He has written and presented several documentaries including ‘Hell Is Other People’ a self help guide to social anxiety, ‘How To Turn Your Life Around’ and ‘The Glasgow Boys: From Chaos To Calm’ for BBC Radio Four. Byron was co-founder, compere, producer and programmer for one of The UK’s most highly regarded Spoken Word nights at The Bristol Old Vic. His debut solo show Talk About Something You Like received much critical acclaim for it’s poignant and personal exploration of the mental health system. He has recently written for The Guardian and Radio 4′s Four Thought. He is a popular keynote speaker and regularly gives talks on social issues to charities, police forces, government bodies and the private sector. Byron is a proud ambassador for mental health charity Rethink, an organisation that tackles stigma around issues of mental health. He is currently working on a memoir and several radio, television and theatre projects.

“I’m on social media too, but I cringingly overshare so it’s probably best to give me a wide berth” – Byron Vincent


Jack Jacobs

Jack’s ‘no limits’ attitude has changed the way he lives his life forever.

Who is Jack Jacobs?

At 15 years old Jack was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. Jack is using his experience and journey through anorexia and other challenges to inspire, motivate and help others achieve their goals and aspirations.

” I’m an entrepreneur, coach and mental health advocate. I spread the NO LIMITS mindset and believe that what you give is what you get and giving back is at the heart of what I do ” – Jack Jacobs