My name is Emily Sexton-Brown, and I’m a London based journalist.

Human interest stories are the most interesting stories on the planet, that’s why we are fascinated by TED talks, documentaries and out of the ordinary tales. The reason you bring a book on holiday is because there is a small part of you wanting escapism and the need to fall into a story, be it in real life or totally fictional.

I want to tell people’s stories, these people are entirely unrelated, but one thing fuses their incredible lives together, and that is change. These people have all decided in one way or another to change their lives, because of other domino factors in their lives.

I chose to call this platform The Breached because it means to ‘break through’ or ‘make a gap’ which I felt evaluated these people perfectly.

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As always if you’d like to be featured, or just have something to say please get in touch at TheBreached@gmail.com

Thank you.